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Bladerunner Remastered with New Technology
Magazine Article
Top Stunt People discuss the art of making blockbuster movie excitement safe to capture.
The Story Behind the Success of NCIS
How the “unheralded” heroes of a movie/television show create emotions with light.
“How Did They Do That?” 16 artists explain the intricacies of the “smoke and mirrors” of visual effects.


Pauline B. Rogers
23823 Malibu Road, 50-337, Malibu, CA 90265
phone (310) 721-2935

Maggie Award winner ("My Best Friend the Camera", a tribute to director Sidney Lumet) Pauline B. Rogers has published 2000 plus articles and three books (Contemporary Cinematographers on Their Art, More Contemporary Cinematographers on Their Art, The Art of Visual Effects) on the entertainment industry. Her behind-the-scenes articles on the movie industry are run in a variety of publications, including International Cinematographer's Guild Magazine, British Cinematographer, HDVideoPRO and more. One of the acknowledged experts on how movies are made, she often enjoys access to virtually closed sets and has been able to procure interviews with difficult to reach top of the list entertainment professionals.

As a publicist, Ms. Rogers worked for both Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas as well as wrote copy for an E.T. clone "Photoplay". She has also done unit publicity for feature films. She has served as regional representative to four National Writers' Union conventions and is an active member of PEN and The Author's Guild. A long-time member of the WGAw, she has script doctored over a dozen television and made for television projects and created several under her own credit, including a four-hour mini-series directed by multiple Emmy winner Marvin Chomsky. She has also been actively involved in several charities, serving on the Board of Directors for City Hearts: Kids Say Yes to the Arts, as a Board Member and rape ounselor for LACAAW, an organization dedicated to supporting abused women, and has been a technical advisor on both feature and television projects involving assaults against women.

A graduate of American International College with a double B.A. in English/​Shakespeare, she attended Hunter College for her Master's Degree in Theater of the Absurde and studied for an Associate's Degree in Film at Columbia. A former teacher, her first writing job was at a Madison Avenue advertising agency creating national and international commercials. Before moving to California, Ms. Rogers was the first female rock concert promoter touring with top rock and roll acts.

She recently finished the first book of a series of Hollywood murder mysteries, set in the 1980s. The Host . Her fictionalized autobiography dealing with emotional and verbal abuse, A Fresh Hell will be available by the end of summer 2018.

She continues to compile stories for her fourth non-fiction book, a lighter look at what it is really like to work on a movie set - where pressure breeds creativity and more than a few childish pranks, impossible deadlines, and more than a few Murphy's Law occasions that can do in the best of the best on any given day.