Pauline B. Rogers

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Bladerunner Remastered with New Technology
Magazine Article
Top Stunt People discuss the art of making blockbuster movie excitement safe to capture.
The Story Behind the Success of NCIS
How the “unheralded” heroes of a movie/television show create emotions with light.
“How Did They Do That?” 16 artists explain the intricacies of the “smoke and mirrors” of visual effects.
Memoirs of a Geisha

My Works

Bladerunner Revisited
Bringing Bladerunner into the 21st Century

Just Say NO
Stunt Safety on the Set

Contemporary Cinematographers On Their Art, Vols. 1 and 2
The Director of Photography is often the unheralded hero of a movie or television show. His ability to create and light a scene determines not only what we see, but the mood and emotions we feel. Contemporary Cinematographers explores how these artists’ love for the camera and the medium helps him/her overcome often insurmountable obstacles to bring the writers/directors’ vision to the screen.

The Art of Visual Effects
As John Dykstra is quoted as saying, everything about the movie, television and commercial industry is “smoke and mirrors,” whether the effects are the product of forced perspective, morphing or a combination of CG generated elements. The Art of Visual Effects traces the history of these techniques, through the eyes of prominent, award winning visual effects artists--combining both historical background and all the latest techniques available today.